The Medical Council of Hong Kong

Ensuring Justice
Maintaining Professionalism
Protecting the Public

The Medical Council of Hong Kong was founded to assure and promote quality in the medical profession in order to protect patients, foster ethical conduct, and develop and maintain high professional standards. Empowered by the Medical Registration Ordinance, Cap. 161, Laws of Hong Kong, the Medical Council maintains a register of eligible medical practitioners, administers the Licensing Examination, issues guidelines and a Code of Professional Conduct, exercises regulatory and disciplinary powers for the profession, and answers general enquiries from doctors and the public.


2016 Licensing Examination (First Sitting)

Reminder - Timely renewal of practising / retention certificates

Results of 2015 Licensing Examination (Second Sitting) (Written Examination)

Press Release on 8 July 2015

Renaming of the Specialty "Occupational Medicine" as "Occupational and Environmental Medicine" in the Specialist Register

Notice of Medical Council Election 2015

Application for Sitting the National Qualification Examination for Doctors (國家醫師資格考試) of 2015 in the Mainland

21st Issue of Newsletter of the Medical Council

Implementation of Rules on Quotable Appointments on 1 December 2014

Guidelines on Quoting of Qualifications

Revised Application Forms for Registration

Updated List of Nomenclatures of Procedures and Operations promulgated by Colleges of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Press Release on 13 June 2014 (Chinese Version)

Press Release on 13 June 2014 (English Version)

Reminder - Duty to Report Criminal Conviction

Typhoon and Rainstorm Warnings Arrangement

Disciplinary Inquiry of the Medical Council

List of Doctors awarded with CME Certificates

List of Doctors approved to use the title ‘CME-Certified’

Composition of the Medical Council

Code of Professional Conduct

List of Registered Doctors

Application Forms

How the Medical Council deals with Complaints
(English and Chinese)

Newsletters of the Medical Council

Annual Reports of the Medical Council

Hong Kong Doctors

Dissemination of Service Information through Service Information Notices and Doctors Directories

Advice to Registered Medical Practitioners

Quotable Qualifications

Quotable Appointments

CME Programme for practising doctors who are not taking CME programme for specialists

Licensing Examination 執業資格試

Judgments of the Medical Council in disciplinary inquiries

Attendance of the Medical Council Members

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